As a lifelong cat lover, I never saw this day coming, but life is full of the unexpected.

I have always had an understanding with the feline nation that many humans out there seem to miscomprehend. Cats are not acting like they are better than you. They are better than you. The sooner you accept their superiority, the sooner you can adjust your expectations and thus better your relationship with the resident cat.

Cat reverence runs in the family. My mom, Catherine, goes by Cat Cooper. Her mom, Kay Cooper, whom I never met due to a tragic scuba diving accident, is a figure to whom I always felt an innate connection. So when Facebook starting freaking me out many moons ago, I changed my FB name thinking that somehow my identity would be protected and therefore, my family wouldn't be at risk if Big Brother ever descended upon us or someone wanted to abduct my life (see The Net with Sandra Bullock). So Kitty Cooper was born. It had a ring to it. I always had an obsession with changing my name as a kid (Rachel, Crystal, Theresa) so it was fun moonlighting as this alias/pseudonym. And also, who doesn't want to be a superior cat figure? If you can be a king, be a fucking king! I made all of my social media shit under the Kitty Cooper super-reality name and as I began Nectar Thief I thought, hey, I think that now I just AM KITTY COOPER! CALL ME KITTY!

Then one day about a week ago while being a weird hermit, waxing poetic and contemplating everything, I had an epiphany. It is of the utmost importance to me to be authentic and genuine. These are the two most elemental ingredients for establishing connection - which is the point of life. Yes. It's true. Connection is everything. And if the whole point of Nectar Thief is to offer something real, useful, and genuine, then pretending to be a cat just isn't right.

So today I am killing Kitty Cooper. My name is Tara Campbell. The Campbells in Scotland were ass holes that sold out to the English and killed a lot of their own people. This barbaric treachery naturally rendered a reward so Campbells flourished and are fucking everywhere now. As such, all the social medias are bunged up with Tara Campbells - so I'm going by Tiara when I have to. It's a name my bf gave me to help all those sad, sorry souls who can never quite figure out how to pronounce my name correctly. When in doubt, just call me Tiara. It's me. I'm still here. You can call me Kitty if you want. I certainly won't correct you. I just want to be upfront and real with you. No more secrets. Bye bye Kitty.  (Call me Terra and I'll cut you)

That all being said, I still fully intend on licking myself clean, perching on top of the refrigerator and napping for hours in little spots of sunshine. Also, being a bitch with no real explanation. 

Love you all so fucking much,


This is not me

The real TC

The real TC