I have spent my entire life throwing myself into intense situations to learn from them and then just flippantly moving on. I never invited the crew to come to my dance show. I never ordered the DVD from the choir performances. I didn't get the tapes from my days as a teenage commercial actress. Why? Because I thought it was lame and arrogant to pump yourself up all over town. And honestly, am I gonna watch out takes from my pop tart commercials on a rainy Tuesday night? No. So fuck it.

I do stuff. I learn things. I make awesome shit. I meet cool people. Fall in love. Create. Explode heart sparkles all over the joint. And then I move on. No looking back. Live in the present and keep moving forward.

That's when I was a young, suuuuper naive gypsy with no purpose but to learn. Then I woke up one day at the ripe old age of 31 and realized that I was missing half the point.

Yes learn. Yes be present. Yes be humble and don't let your ego coax you into a land of superficial vanity but shit woman, you gotta share your privilege with the world. I'm lucky as fuck to have had the chance to follow my heart with unwavering support from countless loved ones. This foundation taught me to wonder. To always ask. To forever question. To seek the deeper meaning. Nothing at face value. Do the things you love and you will have a gift to share with the world. If you don't share it, you're a magic hoarder and your stocks will dwindle while you clutch them close. Give it away. Offer it to the world and you're a magic merchant. Spatter that sparkly dusty mess over anyone that wants a piece and your magic inventory will grow and thrive. It'll make you better. And it'll add to the knowledge base. That's what it's about, right?

So here's some stuff that I think is important. Mostly all things related to living a good life. Being well. It's a different world out there this time round. It's the modern Wild Wild West. Redefine what happiness is to you. Fuck feeling like shit and being pushed to the brink for some inane, arbitrary trajectories that have been force fed to you by a bunch of dick heads that have no real concept of human happiness.

Get your cosmic love on. Sleep. Eat well. Read books. Make art if you want to. Take baths. Laugh so fucking hard. Touch people. CONNECT, MAN! 

Also there's a shit tonne of info on growing food cuz that shit is important. Fuel up! It's not THAT hard. But it is some hard. Let's do it together, hm?

I hope this helps. I FUCKING LOVE YOU.

Holler at your girl.

xo Tara


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